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Nockberge-Trail long distance hiking

Nockberge Trail Aussteiger-Paket

I will just be away for a moment: the little getaway package

Individual hiking trip with 2 stages I´ll just be away for a moment - book online Overview: Are you stressed because the hectic pace of everyday life has you in its grip once again? And the next longer holiday is not yet in sight? Then we…
Hiking during the bloom of the alpine rose

Hiking during the bloom of the alpine rose

Individual hiking trip with 3 stages Hiking during the bloom of the alpine rose - book online Overview: Granted: Along the Nockberge-Trail, due to its altitude, the mountain spring does not really arrive until the end of May. However, the…
Einsteigerpakete Nockerberge Trail

All beginnings are easy: the starter package

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Individual hiking trip with 2 stages The starter package - book online Overview: The magic of long-distance hiking: From one place to the next, in the rhythm of the landscape and far away from the hectic pace of everyday life! Long-distance…
Königsetappe leicht gemacht

The royal stage in easy style

6 days - 5 onernight stays - 4 stages Book online Overview: Within just a few years, the Nockberge-Trail has become a true classic of long-distance alpine hiking. One of the reasons for this is the scenically outstanding daily stage from…
Nockberge Trail Thru Hiking

Thru Hiking – the whole Trail in one piece

10 days - 9 onernight stays - 8 stages Book online Overview: The term "Thru Hiking" originated in the USA and describes the hiking of one of the great long-distance trails in one piece. "Thru Hiking" became a philosophy and has a special…
Trailrunning am nockberge Trail

Trail Running am Nockberge-Trail

Individual Trail Running trip with 3 stages Book online Overview: That`s the top of the top - Trail Running at the Nockberge-Trail. A Trail Run like it's supposed to be - a mountain run in the classic sense: On our three-day Trail Run through…
Panorama Nockberge

Green Spirit: Hiking environmentally friendly

Hiking environmentally friendly Book online Overview: Hiking the Nockberge-Trail is in itself the ideal form for sustainable travel: You have chosen a local destination without air travel, hike from one place to another using only your own…
Hochschober Sauna im Sommer

Hiking and Wellness

Individual hiking trip with 5 stages Hiking and Wellness book online Overview: Opposites attract each other! What has already achieved such great popularity on the Nockberge ski touring trail in winter under the promise of "wilderness and…