• Sonnenaufgang im Hergst am Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute
  • Nockberge-trail Wanderroute im Morgenlicht
  • Steinmandl als Wegkennzeichnung an der Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute
  • Falkertgipfel am späten Nachmittag an der Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute
  • Wanderung im Sommer am Kamm der Nockberge
  • Thermalbad Pool im Bad Kleinkirchheim

Nockberge-Trail Long-distance hiking in the Carinthian Nockberge

  • Nockberge Trail - Long-distance hiking in the Carinthian Nockberge

    Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute Morgenlicht am Gipfel
  • Steinmandl im Sonnenlicht am Nockberge-trail Wanderroute
  • Falkertgipfel Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute 3. Etappe
  • Falkertgipfel am Nockberge-Trail Wanderroute
  • Thermalbad Bad Kleinkirchheim innen

Nockberge-Trail – Long-distance hiking in the Carinthian Nockberge

Among all mountain groups in the Eastern Alps, the Nockberge mountains with an age of 60 million years are the oldest. You cannot fail to see: while the Hohe Tauern in the west, the Karawanken and Karnische Alpen in the south exude an almost youthful brusque, the Nockberge mountains rest like wise giants with their gently rounded mountains and knolls.

This gentleness, combined with peak heights of almost 2,500 meters and a landscape majesty, largely free of technical infrastructure, give the Nockberge a very special magic. Therefore, it is clear why nature conservation pioneers fought to preserve this natural jewel as early as the 1970s. Thanks to them, today one of three UNESCO biosphere reserves in Austria protects this harmonious Alpine landscape for the next generation.

What could be more appropriate than walking through this hiking paradise on a long-distance hiking trail? Over lush green pastures, through shady stone pine forests, on breathtakingly promising ridges, from one summit to the next. This is the new “Nockberge-Trail”! The start is located on the Katschberg in the north and leads in five charming day stages across the UNESCO biosphere reserve to the destination to Bad Kleinkirchheim in the south, where your reward, a famous Spa is waiting for you. Essentially, the trail follows his popular namesake, Austria’s first online ski touring trail, during the summermonths.

The Nockberge-Trail impresses with its scenic attractions, sheer boundless panoramas, technically less difficult climbs, which still require a certain degree of stamina, and the charming change of comfortable hotels and friendly huts in the stages. The ideal choice for grounding within a week and absorbing the peace and serenity of the Nockberge mountains.